She Who Would be Queen

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If you wanted to grow as a woman and reclaim the strength, power and grace you know you deserve, what would you do? Which path would you follow? What steps would you take?

I have been coaching, teaching and speaking in the personal and professional development world for more than 15 years, always with a strong focus on how masculine and feminine energies contribute to determining our success and happiness in life.

In that time I have found that we are all travellers on a journey of self-discovery, on a path which takes us up and down, and that each such journey has guideposts that stand out along the way.

These guideposts help us to orient ourselves, gauge where we are and determine where our next steps can take us. If you had a map showing you these guideposts in advance, giving you a bird’s eye view of the journey ahead, wouldn’t you be able to make your way much easier and with more certainty?

Archetypes are the guideposts on such a map.

Many books on archetypes talk about why archetypes exist and what they do, but tell you very little about how to apply this knowledge. In her book, ‘She who would be Queen’, Krystal has bound together ancient wisdom from the Tarot, her intuitive understanding of our feminine essence, and her deep knowledge of archetypes, and weaved them together into an engaging and practical guide showing you how to move forward into your full potential.
Often we don’t tap into old wisdom and tools because we think they are no longer valid, but, as explained here in this book, you will find them incredibly valuable, providing you with new perspectives from time-tested vantage points.

I love all the exercises and processes described in the book because they’re very clear and they tell you not only who you are but also how to move to the next level. The exercises show you what to let go of so you’re able to move ahead more easily, and they are very clever, creative and accurate.
This book is a tool for all women, young and old, very well laid out, beautifully written, and has incredible metaphors and stories that encompass current and real world examples of how you move through your journey.
To every woman who reads this book I can say with certainty that within each of us is a Queen, and this book is a real pathway and a guide for every woman to ignite her Queen.

I have known Krystal for many years, ever since I had the opportunity to train her in NLP, and the depths of her inner knowledge seems to come from a different place. She’s an extraordinarily intuitive and insightful guide, a spiritual goddess, who has concrete tools and tangible insights to bring the power of the spiritual down to the real world. I feel privileged and honoured to know her and have learnt as much from her as she has from me. You can trust her to guide you through your own journey with compassion, insight and intuition.

In my work I am often asked which books to recommend, and ‘She Who Would Be Queen’ is going to be my number one recommendation for women who want to learn who they really are, embrace their essence, and wield their power gracefully. The many thorough exercises in this book will help you move from one guidepost of your journey to the next, they give you insights into ancient wisdom as well as how that wisdom applies to us in the 21st century. Krystal has put together great examples, metaphors, tools, structures and questions, which you can use and apply on your own without having to go to others for assistance.

For me, the power of this book is in its ability to create a path, based on ancient wisdom and made for the 21st century, for any woman who is looking at ascending from who she is to who she can become: magnificent.


Alice Haemmerle
Master NLP Trainer and Founder of Instant Insight Academy