GODDESS MAGIC IN THE CHAKRAS 2017-08-10T09:31:33+00:00

Krystal has discovered that specific goddesses weave their magic in each of the chakras to open and transmute any contraction. In workshops, we will explore the theme and state of being associated with each chakra and employ powerful processes to transmute blockages with the help of specific Goddesses.

We will sit in circle, share our truth, journey into our inner world and possibly into other times and lives, seek the guidance of the goddesses through Krystal’s powerful ability to invoke this connection. We will work with the Goddess Oracle Cards and might use toning and music as powerful tools to dissolve and transmute outgrown aspects of self.

Each Chakra can be a self-contained 3-hour workshop or we can create a 2-day retreat where we will journey through all our chakras to reawaken our inner goddesses.

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“It’s a week after the Goddess Reawakening Retreat and I feel a sense of peace and clarity. Things that I would normally get triggered by, like getting highly embarrassed about what someone might be thinking regarding something I have just said or done, no longer exist. It was quite instant. Like the slate had been wiped clean. Thought concepts that existed before the weekend were no longer there. They had literally disappeared. This was quite surprising as I didn’t think it could happen like this.

I’ve noticed myself observing old thoughts that would in the past trigger greater discomfort and now they are only mild thoughts that pass mostly in the background without overwhelming my moment. I am able to connect more knowingly to my power.”

Rita Gyorffy

“The week following the retreat was amazing! I bought a beautiful new dress that is much softer and feminine. I also acquired some great clothes from my sister that are colourful, floaty and feminine while still showing my Goddess like figure! I feel like a new woman, sensual, sexy and empowered! Thank you Krystal!!”