2018 Events:

January 21st, 4-9pm, Collingwood

March 25th, 4-9pm, Collingwood

May 20th, 4-9pm, Collingwood

August, 19th, 4-9pm, Collingwood

October 28th, 4-9pm, Collingwood

Imagine a world where sexuality is a natural part of life, where people have a safe space, a temple, to explore their desires, unite in Shakti and Shiva energies, and use these energies as a pathway to connect to their own divinity so as to manifest their physical desires.

In the ancient times, in the Temples of Isis, women, as the wombs of creation, honoured the divine goddess by engaging in unbridled sexual practices in the temples; this was their spiritual practice. When we fully comprehend that sexual energy is pure life-force energy, and has the ability to powerfully connect us to the divine, then this is not surprising.

Conscious Eroticism is a safe secure and sensual space where we revive this ancient Temple Culture and rebirth it into the modern world, a place where men and women can explore all aspects of their sexuality, the ‘slut’, the ‘untamed’, the god/goddess, a place where they can gather together to explore their sexual desires and journey to the edge of their conditioned comfort zone, or expand beyond it, breaking out of society’s ‘taboos’, so as to co-create their fantasies, dreams and desires and emerge into the fullness of their sexual expression.

Conscious Eroticism is a place to let go of shame and naturalise that which has been suppressed, a place where we can come together with awareness, respect and love. It is a space where you can practice non-attachment and reprogram the conditions of our sexually suppressed and ownership conscious society.

Conscious Eroticism is a place where you can do as much or as little as you like, a place where clear communication, boundaries and respect are core qualities, a place where you can gain greater confidence to discover and communicate your truth, your deepest desires, your needs, as they dance, develop and awaken the untamed within you, transforming you from moment to moment, expanding your sensual and sexual awareness and being.

Conscious Eroticism - Explore, experience, express – but most of all, Enjoy!



Our Temple of Conscious Eroticism Nights are private events. To be invited into the temple, please answer the questions below, and if successful, you will be added to our mailing list.

You will be sent an email, which contains a link that you need to click to authorise us sending you event details.

With pleasure and devotion,
Krystal & Michael