Ancient Sexual Practices to Empower Modern Women – RETURN TO THE TEMPLE OF ISIS

Ancient Sexual Practices to Empower Modern Women – RETURN TO THE TEMPLE OF ISIS 2018-01-31T04:50:14+00:00

One or two-day Workshop or Talk

Woman, Priestess, Goddess that you are:

  • Would you like to resolve any feelings around sexual inhibition, shame, or guilt, that restrict your full expression?

  • Would you like to awaken the untapped source of power within your womb, your vagina, your yoni, so that your orgasmic potential can connect you to states of bliss, power and spiritual awareness beyond what you currently know?

  • Would you like to feel fully connected to your body, your sexuality, your soul, and experience the support of the sisterhood of the divine feminine?

In the ancient temples of Egypt, priestesses knew that regular multiple orgasmic experiences would keep them healthy, powerful and connected on all levels; spiritual, emotional, mental and physical. Mothers brought their daughters to the temples at the time of their first bleeding to experience a rite of passage, an initiation into womanhood that was meaningful, empowering and reinforced sexuality as a natural part of life.

This workshop is a journey of self-discovery for women who desire to reconnect with the priestess sisterhood and the ecstatic vitality and creative life force that comes as a result of open sexual expression.

During our time together we will:

  • Explore the concepts of morality, body image, sexual guilt, shame, loss of arousal and sexual appetite.

  • Use movement and purposeful massage to awaken your sexual energies, as was the practice of the priestesses in ancient Egypt.

  • Use guided meditations and powerful recalibration processes to release emotional and mental blockages around your sexual expression.

  • Learn how to use ‘The Touch of Isis’ to increase your vitality, confidence and higher awareness of your true Self through the numerous levels of orgasm.

  • Recalibrate your experiences around sexuality and menstruation, so that you can become the embodiment of the powerful and sensual Goddess that you naturally are and always have been.

  • Gain tools and practices to deepen your orgasmic potential and move into deeper, longer-lasting ecstatic states.

This workshop is for women only.

You will be encouraged but not forced to do anything that is outside of your current comfort zone.

There is optional nudity and it is all done in a safe, respectful, sensual space of sisterhood. Krystal will act as a cosmic midwife, creating a galactic womb to rebirth your inner Goddess.

The next event is on Sunday 4th March from 9am – 4:30pm at the Second Story Studio, Collingwood

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“I highly recommend Krystal’s Return to the temple of Isis workshop. As someone who has experienced sexual abuse, I was tentative and anxious about opening myself up to such a course. Krystal provided a beautiful, safe space where I could release my fears and blockages around my sexuality, which I know will have a huge impact on my life. Thank you.”

Georgina, Oracle, Healer and Goddess

“I can recommend this workshop to any woman wishing to connect to her body again on a new or deeper level. The workshop is very safe and I was able to connect to my divine feminine on a spiritual and physical level.”

Sabine A., Life Coach

“My intention was to let go of some limiting beliefs I had imposed on myself and to step into my power as a divine feminine, as a priestess.

My highlight was Krystal’s demonstration. How beautiful it was to witness her self-pleasure, her love for herself and from that, I felt inspired to do the same. Finding that well of pleasure within myself and discovering that I had it inside of me all along. From that I realised that I don’t need to look elsewhere, it’s all within!

I felt I was really held by Krystal’s facilitation, really supported. She showed her full authentic expression, which allowed us to be in our own expression as well. She has so much knowledge and I would definitely recommend her as a teacher for sure.  In fact, I would recommend this workshop to everyone! All my friends, all ages, people that are willing to explore their sexuality and their feminine and let go of shame and guilt.”

Christine, New Zealand

“My intention for today’s workshop was to step into my sensuality and my self-contained priestess energy. The highlight of the day was sharing Krystal’s full expression of sensuality, which gave me a level of permission I never thought was possible.

Krystal’s facilitation is so natural, so authentic. There is a sweetness, and nothing pretentious about it. She was so there with us, so present, on such an inclusive level.

I recommend this workshop to women who feel any level of shame or discomfort around their own sexuality and sensuality and are ready to really step into that space of sexual sovereignty and full expression”.

Holly, Massage Therapist