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Mission Statement

It is time for the sisters of the divine feminine to re-member, to re-connect and to re-awaken!
Warriors, healers, teachers, nurturers, mothers, daughters, sisters, I call you all! It is time to stand strong together, it is time to unite in sisterhood. We are not here to fight, we are not here to change the world, we are here to change ourselves, and in changing ourselves, the world will change one woman at a time, then one community at a time.

It is my pleasure, purpose and honour to guide you back to your true self, to open all your chakra energy centres, to let go of conditioning and fear; so that you feel worthy to celebrate YOU, so that you can tap more deeply into your personal power and your feminine flow.

It is my honour to assist you to reclaim your natural birth right that history has denied you, and reawaken the manifesting power of the divine goddess through the power of your yoni, your centre of sexual energy, otherwise know as your sacred temple.

Your Soul Journey

Private sessions to discover your soul journey through the lifetimes in order to deepen your purpose and your unique path in this life. Release childhood traumas and fears so that you can open all of your chakras and invite your Shakti’s full expression, experience freedom, joy and fulfilment and say yes to your feminine essence.

Goddess Krystal

High Priestess, Goddess and embodiment of the divine feminine, I am passionate to assist my fellow sisters and you to claim your unique expression, to share your unique talents and to be at peace and free within yourself.

Goddess Products

Find support of your unique journey with my books, guided meditations and online programs.

Soul Clarity

Being claircogniscent and clairsentient, I use Goddess Oracle Cards to give you an intuitive reading of your present situation. It’s like a snapshot of your soul to guide you into clarity for your next steps.

Soul Pregnancy Support

Emotional and spiritual birth preparation are just as important as the physical preparation to get your mind, body and soul ready to welcome the your baby into life without fear, without complications, without trauma, but with ease, joy and strength.

Sacred Sexual Empowerment

This is about so much more than sex! This is about your ability to manifest your life, your ability to stand in your full, ecstatic essence as a woman and to embody the living manifestation of the divine feminine.

“What an awesome retreat! I arrived with fear and trepidation and left with strength, belief in Self and a clear channel for creativity. I am truly grateful for being awakened!!” — Alissa
Alissa Skimbirauskas

Contact Me

Feel free to contact us about with questions about my products or services you may have, no matter how small. We look forward to hearing from you.

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