Last weekends Goddess retreat with Krystal Alexander-Hille, rocked my world and my state of being to the core, shaking me up ever so gently and bringing about a shinier new improved me, truly thankful and oh so happy…

My intention for attending the Goddess Reawakening retreat was to become closer to my true nature; to let go of anything that didn’t empower me, and live my life within the truth of who I am.
I had no idea what would happen for me in the weekend; what would surface, if anything. All I know is that I went in with full confidence in Krystal’s abilities to hold and facilitate a powerful, yet gentle and transformative, space for all of us.
When a very raw wound from my past popped up, which amazed me as I’d thought I’d worked through it, the support from the circle of women gave me confidence to fully face my fears and dissolve it once and for all. The power of the circle brought this to light for me, and it was so relieving to finally let it go and feel held and honoured in a sacred way by Krystal and the other women present!!
The retreat was very well organized and there were many things to enjoy about it, but for me the ultimate gift was learning a new language; a new way to speak, to call in, and manifest things into my life on a day-to-day basis.”Julia Mahon, Jewel with the magic touch

“Consider this “Who was I born to be”? That is the question I was posed at the Goddess Retreat I attended this weekend with Krystal. I know I am so much more than what I believed my self to be. When we let ourselves, we are an open channel to answers and we only have to step into the fear of the unknown to experience what is possible. Unleash the Goddess and all will be revealed. So much appreciation Krystal for the transformation you have facititated at the Goddess Retreat. The fear and doubt I entered the Goddess circle with has transmuted and I am clearing all the time since returning to my day to day life. Xxx – Ursus” Ursula Dutkiewicz, Artist

“Several months ago I was feeling uncertain about what next and how next and doubted very much my capacity to ever live the life of my dreams. It was about 16 months into ‘retirement’ and although I sensed there was a whole new world opening up for me I was unclear and fearful.  At this stage I was also experiencing overwhelm with a several close relationships. I knew I had to take action and that’s when I contacted Krystal.

Amazing! After six telephone coaching sessions I can hardly believe how I have become and how my life has changed.  Krystal is deeply intuitive outstanding coach. She took me way beyond my presenting issues with her incredible listening and questioning skills. In every session I achieved so much more than I had anticipated and I was inspired to take action. Krystal conveyed a deep commitment to assisting me to grow on every level and I felt she was 100% there for me.

Her ability to lead powerful visualisation has taken me to a place where I feel connected with my authentic self. With every step I’ve shed limiting beliefs and opened up to wonderful opportunities. I am experiencing positive change in all areas of my life.

I’m excited about my new career and the future. Most of all I am embracing a sense of joy as I continuously step outside my comfort zone and live more fully in the moment. This is the best investment I have ever made!”

Maureen Cochram, Life Coach


Words cannot express the incredible joy I feel for having met you and walking a little on this life coaching journey together.  Thank you for your insight, wisdom, generosity, clarity and loving kindness.  It has been so empowering and strengthening.  I came to you when I had stopped listening to my intuitive voice. In the sessions I re-discovered my sense of playfulness, possibility and purpose in life. I also learnt how to self-coach, the greatest gift of all. I would recommend your services to anyone who wanted to experience any of the aforementioned.  Keep shining your light – you are so amazing! Thank you! Melissa Parente, Public Speaking Trainer

Krystal is no run-of-the-mill life coach. She draws on a range of holistic tools to help you identify and tackle the mental or emotional barriers preventing you from reaching your full potential. As well as giving you practical tips on how to stay focused, clear and calm, she will help you to discover your passion and rekindle a sense of joy and purpose in your life.  It’s a transformative and empowering journey and I recommend it whole-heartedly. Charlotte Francis, Copywriter

Dear Krystal, I’d like to thank you for being an outstanding coach over these last few weeks.  I love your intuitive coaching, the way you gave me the space to figure out my thoughts and patterns in my life.  You are a great listener.  So many times after our sessions ended I found myself wanting to call you up again to talk some more and have more realizations, the sessions with you are addictive!
My journey, with you as a coach, has been inspiring, amusing, emotional and very rewarding – you have a true gift.  Having you on the line gave me the courage to deal with topics that I had previously skirted around, and to form new beliefs and behavior patterns that have enhanced my business and personal life.  Namasté!
Jill Hutchinson, Results Coach

Krystal has a rare instinct and ability to really hear and feel what it was that I was saying and was able to get to the heart of each matter as they surfaced. She gently challenged me to think about the core of each thing that was brought up and was always supportive and understanding. She has a great intelligence and wisdom that makes you feel safe. Krystal is easy to trust. She truly cares and offers guidance to help you to help yourself. I found my sessions with her truly inspiring and feel that they have definitely strengthened me. I am very grateful and feel so blessed that I had Krystal there for me. I do more than recommend Krystal, I insist that people see her if they wish to reconnect with their deeper self and become stronger and more open individuals! You rock! Nina Nicols – Writer & Performer

As a result of working with Krystal, my relationships with my friends have improved and I am more relaxed.  Also my stress levels at work have dropped and I feel more independent.   I’m gaining more confidence, I’m more social and goals are becoming more defined.  I feel rejuvenated and have more of a bounce in my steps, I am always left in a good mood and positive frame of mind by the end of the sessions.
Krystal is friendly, open and easy to open up to.  She’s an excellent listener, very professional and clearly passionate about her work. Nathan Thomas, Pools & Landscaping Maintenance

Was thinking of you and how great you were with our session the other day!  So wanted to acknowledge you for your care, listening and being there for me.  You are a great coach!  I felt totally washed out, wrung out and confused for the rest of Monday! Today I feel absolutely fantastic and as if nothing can stop me at all! I cannot wait to break through whatever other things are going on and stopping me from reaching the next level!
Jill Hutchinson, Results Coach

Before I tried Life Coaching with Krystal I was going through an unfocused time in my life, I had just finished University, had separated from a long term relationship and a business partnership came to an end. It really felt like chaos, I found it hard to make decisions, to have clarity with my focus and my financial situation was pressing.  My state of mind was really reflected in the outer circumstances of my life.
I was grateful to have the opportunity to really explore and transform this disjunction that I was experiencing. Through the coaching sessions with Christiane I was able to gain more control of both my state of mind, my lifestyle and my circumstances.  Christiane was welcoming, unbiased and I felt confident to discuss very personal and traumatic issues with her.  She offered a safe space for me to explore and transform my relationship to deep and learnt habits that affected everything in my life.  Together we developed some practical tools that I now use on a daily basis and the remarkable changes are unsurpassable.
I am now confident with my decisions and have found great clarity in the direction created because of this. I am finding that the possibilities before me are more in line with the wonderful and honest relationship I have with myself.  I am motivated to reach for and achieve my goals, and I have resilience to transform any challenges before me.  Thank you to the wonderful facilitation of Krystal Alexander Hille.
Emmaline Macartney, Performance Artist

Where I was 6 weeks ago…
As a newly appointed manager of a team of 10 I was eager to be a respected, fair leader and had a desire to get the most out of my team.  I wanted to identify my weaknesses and learn how to turn them into strengths.  I disliked my habit of procrastinating over tasks I was not confident doing and that I felt I had poor control over my reaction to situations and my attitude.  I was frustrated with the lack of skills, attitude and commitment from my staff.   I felt I needed to motivate my team but did not know the best method and I wanted to feel confident in trusting my team when I delegate tasks.

Where I am now…
I gained far more from these sessions than I imagined!  I immediately felt comfortable with Krystal, which enabled me to be completely honest.  What I discovered through her coaching was that I am too hard on myself and that it is impossible to have all the answers.   I am now able to start the day with a much more positive attitude and value the domino effect my attitude has on others.  I have developed an employee feedback form so that I can take steps to improve the performance of my team and my effectiveness as their manager.  This was extremely well received and my team appreciated the effort I made to consider their opinions.  I am confident that I can use my strengths to develop my staff and enable them with the tools to perform. I have improved the team morale by increasing positive feedback and praise.

Catherine Rainsford
Income Processing Manager
The Cancer Council Victoria

Dear Krystal,
I’d like to express my thanks to you for being a fantastic coach over the last couple of months.
I began the sessions with the aim of finding some solutions to a number of work problems – how to manage and motivate my team remotely, to learn to trust and delegate better and how to manage my work life balance, or lack of!
During our sessions, I learnt many things about myself and the way I manage and lead a team – from my strengths and weaknesses, to how to manage a range of difficult situations at work, to learning about strategies and tools to lead more effectively and give my team clarity.
It’s been a fantastic journey and I’ve always appreciated your honesty, openness and knowledge in supporting my development and learning. I am confident that I can use the tools and strategies from our sessions to develop my staff and motivate my team effectively and am looking forward to evolving further in my management career.


Kate Halford
National Community Manager
Starlight Children’s Foundation