Goddess Circles

Goddess Circles

These evenings are an introduction to the work of Krystal as well as the Goddess Reawakening Retreats, whilst at the same time being events in their own right.

Truth, Love, Life

A self-discovery in connecting with your heart, your higher self, your intuition and your true self. Reveal your true nature and lift the veils of conditioned beliefs. See the reality behind the illusion of rules and regulations you have created from conditioned beliefs and thinking.

Meditation, Chakra Clearing, Visualisation,

Realization, Conversation, Inner guidance

and insight with Goddess cards

Leave your mind at the door, get your answers, your truth and your awareness from your heart. Make peace with yourself and be free to be!

Usually, a theme emerges from within the group that resonates with all women present and relates to one of  the energy centres in the body.  The evenings are an opportunity to share insights and observations and act as mirrors to each other: to gain new awareness about yourself and start the process of releasing and transforming outgrown aspects of self.  We will be working with sacred Goddess Cards and Chakra energies.  Participants leave the night with greater insight, clarity and recharged batteries to take  the necessary steps to reach full Goddess empowerment.

While a safe, nurturing and loving environment will be created, Krystal’s work is to the point and not just another one of those airy-fairy, touchy-feely New Age events to discover the divine feminine.  These circles are circles of truth.  They are the first step to hands-on, no bullshit, roll-up your sleeves and make a difference in your life events.

We are always looking for hosts for these evenings as well as Goddess Circle Facilitators who will help spread the message of Goddess Reawakening for the planet.

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What other women are saying :

“I loved the relaxed and gentle nature of Krystal and the quiet and respectful way she had of reaching each person and getting them to open up and release blockages.” Judy Hayhoe, Manager at Pearl & Co

“A circle of truth to see myself, to see myself truly through the other women’s presence my gorgeous goddess mirrors. Gratitude to all who have allowed me to see that “i am love” and its up to me to live it truly now.” Clara Iaquinto

“What I liked best was the incredible sense of support around me which enabled me to express my fears, worries and desires to change.” Grace Placercio Davies, Lawyer

“I loved having time for myself and meeting other interesting ladies.” Barbara Eliopoulos

goddess circles

“Symbolic of the cycles of nature, with no beginning and no end, no division and no sides, the circle is a space were women come together as equals, bringing the gifts of their individuality for the benefit of the unified whole.” MIA GAIA Frame Drummers